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Dawson County

Cancer Policy ~ Claim $33,272

"My wife & I took it out several years ago, it was well worth the money.  You hope you don't have to use it, but it sure came in handy paying bills and travel it helped alot.  Glade we purchased it."

Les M.

Yellowstone County 

Cancer Policy ~ Claim $18,985

"I cannot say enough about this company.  After 20 years of paying premiums, they returned the money I paid less a couple of claims. In the last year my husband was diagnosed with cancer.... This company and all their employees are wonderful"

Kathy H.

Park County

Cancer Policy  ~ Claim $15,600

"The best insurance policy I've ever bought."

Frank O.

Richland County

Cancer Policy ~ Claim $30,602

"Thank you  - this is a terrific policy and I have to say the agents are the best to work with, ask questions and just satisfy our concerns on rising costs of everything.  Plus the check they presented was awesome! Again, thank you!" 

John B.